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Peter Cancro

Who owns Jersey Mike’s subs?

The football coach came through for Peter, and backed his loan. So, at the tender age of 17 – before he was legally able to slice a sub – Peter Cancro became the owner and proprietor of Mike’s Subs. Shortly after buying Mike’s, he married his former wife Linda and they opened a couple more local outlets of Mike’s Subs.

Where is Jersey Mike’s located?

Mar 15, 2018 · How Jersey Mike’s CEO Turned $125,000 Into $1 Billion. Peter Cancro started slicing fresh meat and cheese in a local mom-and-pop sandwich shop in Point Pleasant, New Jersey when he was 14 years old. Cancro wasn’t a wealthy student.

How much money does Jersey Mike’s make?

Jun 26, 2015 · Get the complete list of Jersey Mikes franchise owners. Contains phone number, address and name of each Jersey Mikes franchisee. All Jersey Mike’s locations in the USA. Annually updated with contact information for new Jersey Mike owners. All contact data is verified for accuracy. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Is Jersey Mike’s the fastest growing franchise concept in America?

At Jersey Mike’s, we offer a sub above – one that’s measured in more than inches or seconds ‘til served. We carefully consider every aspect of what we do – every slice, every sandwich, every store – we provide our customers with sustenance and substance too. Here’s how we do it: Red wine vinegar and an olive oil blend.

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What company owns Jersey Mike’s?

Jersey Mike’s Franchise Systems Inc.
In 1987, Peter began franchising. He changed the name from Mike’s Subs to Jersey Mike’s Subs to capture the authenticity of where the authentic sub sandwich was born. Today, Peter Cancro is CEO of Jersey Mike’s Franchise Systems Inc., overseeing more than 2,000 locations open and under development.

Who is the owner and CEO of Jersey Mike’s?

CEO Peter Cancro
Jersey Mike’s CEO Peter Cancro finances new stores through special ownership program. In 1975, 17-year-old Peter Cancro bought Mike’s Subs with the financial help of his football coach, Rod Smith, who was also an executive at the local town bank. Cancro had worked at the New Jersey sub shop for three years.Jun 25, 2020

Who is the owner of Mike’s?

Imvescor Restaurant Group
The restaurant chain is owned by Imvescor Restaurant Group, based in Montreal, Quebec, which also owns Pizza Delight, Baton Rouge and Scores. Imvescor Restaurant Group Inc.

How much is the founder of Jersey Mike’s worth?

Peter Cancro net worth and salary: Peter Cancro is an American entrepreneur and businessman who has a net worth of $400 million. Peter Cancro is best known for being a co-founder of Jersey Mike’s Subs, an American submarine sandwich chain with more than 1,500 locations in the United States.

Who is Peter Cancro married to?

Jersey Mike’s Founder and CEO, Peter Cancro, and his wife Tatiana Cancro, met up with our dear friend Edith Knowles and NJ Governor Chris Christie for a wreath laying ceremony at the Statue of Liberty today.

When was Peter Cancro born?

Peter Cancro, born 1957.

Where is the original Jersey Mike’s?

Point Pleasant is a borough in Ocean County, New Jersey, United States. As of the 2010 United States Census, the borough’s population was 18,392, down from 19,306 in 2000 but still up from 18,177 in 1990.


Who is the owner of Mike’s Hard lemonade?

Mark Anthony Brands
Mark Anthony Brands is returning the Mike’s Hard Lemonade brand to its roots with a lemonade-based line of hard seltzers in the US. The company, which owns the brand in the US, has lined up four flavours in the Mike’s Hard Lemonade Seltzer portfolio.Feb 19, 2021

Is Jersey Mike a real person?

Peter Cancro is the Founder and CEO of Jersey Mike’s Subs. In 1971 at the age of only 17, Peter raised $125,000 to purchase the single-store sandwich shop called Mike’s Subs. Today, Jersey Mike’s has over 2000 stores across the globe and is closing in on over $2 billion in annual sales.

Where does Jersey Mike’s meat come from?

“All of Jersey Mike’s pork comes from family farms in the United States where farmers care deeply about the welfare of their animals, raising them in a safe, nurturing environment,” said Kiersten Hafer, vice president of marketing for Clemens Food Group.May 3, 2019

How much does it cost to open a Jersey Mike’s franchise?

The Jersey Mike’s franchise is a leader in the fast-casual sandwich sector. The franchise fee to open a Jersey Mike’s location is $18,500 with total initial costs ranging between $169,001-$804,045.Apr 30, 2021

How much did Jersey Mike’s pay for the RAC?

As part of the 20-year, $28 million deal, Jersey Mike’s will enjoy significant brand exposure through signage in and around the arena, including exterior stadium signage, scoreboard signage, campus directional signage and logo placement on the court.Nov 3, 2021
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Where is Jersey Mike’s restaurant?

Jersey Mike’s restaurant in Valdosta, Georgia. At age 14, Peter Cancro of Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, took a part-time job at Mike’s Submarines, a neighborhood sandwich shop in the adjacent borough of Point Pleasant but only a few blocks west of Point Pleasant Beach High School, founded in 1956, and then on its third owner.

Where is Jersey Mike’s Subs located?

Jersey Mike’s Subs. Jersey Mike’s Subs is an American submarine sandwich chain headquartered in Manasquan, New Jersey. The Jersey Mike’s franchise has 1,910 locations open and about 124 more in development across the United States, in addition to three locations in Queensland, Australia, and two in Ontario, Canada.

What is the Jersey Mike’s way?

A popular way to top off the sandwich with condiments is to order it “Mike’s Way”, which involves sliced onions, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, oregano, salt …

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What is Jersey Shore’s favorite sandwich?

A “Jersey Shore’s Favorite”—provolone, ham, and cappacuolo —on white bread. Like the original Mike’s store in 1956, each Jersey Mike’s Subs serves submarine sandwiches made to order, slicing the meats and cheeses as needed.

How much did Jersey Mike’s CEO make?

How Jersey Mike’s CEO Turned $125,000 Into $1 Billion. Peter Cancro started slicing fresh meat and cheese in a local mom-and-pop sandwich shop in Point Pleasant, New Jersey when he was 14 years old. Cancro wasn’t a wealthy student. He played football, lifeguarded in the summers, and enjoyed working with a team making sub sandwiches at Mike’s Subs, …

What is Jersey Mike’s Day of Giving?

Every year, on the last Wednesday of March, Jersey Mike’s hosts a “Day of Giving” during which the brand donates 100% of its sales to local charities. At the end of the day, around $5-$7 million will go to nonprofits, kids in school, and hospital initiatives across the country.

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Who owns Jersey Mike’s?

MANKATO — Chris Kunst was working for the local owners of the Jersey Mike’s locations even before the stores opened in 2011. Now he and his wife, Chantal Heetland, own them. “This was always my goal, to get into restaurant ownership,” Kunst said.

Who owns Jersey Mike’s Sub Shops?

Feb 28, 2018. Chris Kunst has managed operations at the two Jersey Mike’s locations since they opened in 2011 and he, along with his wife, Chantal Heetland, now own the sub shops, with Mike Nolan continuing as part owner. Photo by Jackson Forderer. Jackson Forderer.

Does Jersey Mike have a charity?

But that’s not the end of Jersey Mike’s work with charity. The company has also worked with veterans’ charities in the past. In 2017, for example, Jersey Mike’s provided funding and support to K9s for Warriors, a charity which provides service dogs to military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries, and military sexual trauma. One vet who benefited from the program was Richard Baca, who suffers from PTSD and was assigned a service dog named Jersey (naturally). Baca completed a three-week course with K9s for Warriors, during which he received 120 hours of instruction on reintegration into society.

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What is the secret menu at Jersey Mike’s?

In a 2018 Reddit post, an ex-employee of the chain detailed some of the restaurant’s secret menu items. One of these is the “99,” a Philly cheesesteak with onions, peppers, mushrooms and jalapeño, with four slices of cheese (either American or pepper jack) with a chipotle mayo sauce.

Is Jersey Mike’s food healthy?

Although the word “fast” in “fast food” is practically synonymous with the word “unhealthy,” it might prove some relief to find that much of Jersey Mike’s food is actually pretty good for you — as far as casual dining goes, at least.

Is Jersey Mike’s chicken cheesesteak healthy?

Certain items on the Jersey Mike’s menu, however, are anything but healthy. In particular, a 2016 survey found that the restaurant’s Buffalo chicken cheesesteak was given the third-worst mark among sandwich chain items, earning a D-minus score.

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What is Mike’s way?

Mike’s Way means making a sandwich with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, spices, and a blend of olive oil and red wine vinegar that the restaurant calls ” The Juice .” The main filling, however, is up to the customer — whether that’s roast beef, turkey, tuna, cheese steak, or anything else. According to Matt Chmiel, the company’s marketing manager, a sub made ” Mike’s Way ” is Jersey Mike’s most popular product, and is what the store has been famous for ever since its foundation.

When did Peter Cancro join Mike’s Subs?

Fast forward to 1971 , when Peter Cancro joined the Mike’s Subs team at just 14 years of age. He thrived in the sub business, and a few years later in 1975, when he heard the owners discussing the sale of the business, he approached his football coach and asked for a loan of $150,000 to help him buy the shop.

Who is the founder of Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches?

Origin. On 10 June 2011, the web site Smile Politely uncovered photos purportedly showing Jimmy John Liautaud, the founder of Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches, posing with various dead “trophy” animals. Two of the photos include an elephant and a leopard. The man pictured in these photographs …

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What animal is in Jimmy John’s photo?

Two of the photos include an elephant and a leopard.

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