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Reckitt Benckiser

What company makes Lysol products?

Apr 11, 2019 · Reckitt Benckiser, the company that owns Lysol disinfectant and Durex condoms, will struggle to wash its hands of its former ward Indivior.

Who owns Lysol products?

Jul 27, 2021 · The company that owns Lysol disinfectant was an early pandemic winner. Now it is becoming an early loser as the health crisis eases. Shares in …

Who owns Lysol stock?

The LYSOL brand is owned by RECKITT BENCKISER, a company listed in Francfort. Its International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) is GB00B24CGK77. LYSOL is part of the Consumer Packaged Goods activity sector.

What is Lysol good for?

Nov 02, 2021 · Who owns Lysol? As discussed previously, Lysol is owned and made by the consumer goods company Reckitt. This corporation is traded on the public stock exchange. This means that, technically, anybody can own a piece of Reckitt. However, as with all major corporations, there is a board of directors and executive committee that makes all major …

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What company owns Lysol?

Lysol – Our Brands – Reckitt | reckitt.com.

Who owns Lysol and Clorox?

Last year, Clorox sued Lysol parent company Reckitt Benckiser over the campaign, which Clorox vice president Eric Reynolds called “egregious and misleading.” Clorox says the ads are full of lies that have hurt the Oakland-based bleach company and helped its devious rival gain market share.Apr 28, 2020

Who manufactures Lysol disinfectant spray?

Product type Disinfectant, all-purpose cleaners
Owner Reckitt
Country United States
Introduced 1889
Related brands Dettol (Sagrotan)

5 more rows

Where is the Lysol company located?

The explosive spread of the coronavirus has transformed the way employees see themselves at the Lysol factory in Somerset County, N.J., owned by U.K.-based Reckitt Benckiser Group PLC.Apr 21, 2020

Who owns the Clorox brand?

Procter & Gamble Company (P&G)
Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) acquires Clorox Chemical Company and operates it as a wholly-owned subsidiary, The Clorox Company. The company remains headquartered in Oakland.

Who invented Clorox?

Is Lysol disinfectant spray made in America?

RB Hillsborough is the only RB factory across the world that supplies Lysol disinfectant sprays to the U.S. and North America, according to the statement. In this facility in Hillsborough, more than 400 individuals are employed or contracted.Sep 3, 2020

Where is Lysol spray made?

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has transformed the way Lysol employees see themselves at the company’s New Jersey factory, owned by U.K.-based Reckitt Benckiser.
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What is Lizol cement cleaner?

Lizol (our brand name in India) launches an affordable specialist disinfectant cement surface cleaner with superior tough stain removal. The new product is targeted at providing access to safe germ kill and affordable cleanliness

Is Sagrotan wipes biodegradable?

Sagrotan (our brand name in Germany) has upgraded its cleaning wipes range to a new biodegradable substrate made from 100% plant derive fibres, while still providing cleaning and disinfection to the usual high standards.

Where is Purell made?

What most don’t know is that Purell is the cornerstone of a 74-year-old family-owned business in Ohio that makes all types of soaps, sanitizers and disinfectants. Called Gojo Industries, it has about 25% of the U.S. hand sanitizer market and generated more than $370 million in revenue in 2018, according to IBISWorld.

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Who invented Purell?

Kafner had grown up at Gojo headquarters, mixing product and going on sales calls. He would eventually become the company’s chairman and CEO. In 1988, Gojo invented what would become its most successful product—Purell, an ethyl alcohol-based, waterless hand cleaner.

Does Purell have hand sanitizer?

For the last couple of years, Purell had been marketing its hand sanitizer on its website and social media as a defense for the flu, norovirus and maybe even the Ebola virus. The regulator sent Gojo a warning letter on January 17, 2020, demanding that the company stop marketing its hand sanitizers with unsubstantiated claims.

Where is Gojo located?

Jerry and Goldie Lippman cofounded Gojo in Akron, Ohio, in 1946. P anic buying is one of the most visible symptoms of coronavirus hysteria, with crazed shoppers emptying grocery store and pharmacy shelves of everything from pasta to thermometers.


Lysol is a brand of American cleaning and disinfecting products distributed by Reckitt, which markets the similar Dettol or Sagrotan in other markets. The line includes liquid solutions for hard and soft surfaces, air treatment, and hand washing. The active ingredient in many Lysol products is benzalkonium chloride, but the active ingredient in the Lysol “Power and Free” line is hydrogen peroxide. …


The first Lysol Brand Antiseptic Disinfectant was introduced in 1889 by Gustav Raupenstrauch to help end a cholera epidemic in Germany. The original formulation of Lysol contained cresols. This formulation may still be available commercially in some parts of the world. Formulations containing chlorophenol are still available in the United Kingdom.


Different Lysol products contain different active ingredients. Examples of active ingredients used in Lysol products:
• ethanol/SD Alcohol, 40 1–3%; fluid that acts as sanitizer
• isopropyl alcohol, 1–2%; partly responsible for Lysol’s strong odor; acts as sanitizing agent and removes odor


• Disinfectants: Lysol Disinfectant products are used to kill surface and air bacteria. Products include:
• Cleaners: Lysol distributes several multi-purpose cleaners, kitchen cleaners, and bathroom cleaners. These include:
• Hand Soaps: Lysol recently developed a line of disinfecting hand soaps. Products include:


Lysol’s major competitors include Clorox, Febreze, Cif, Domestos, Tilex, Oust, Mr. Clean and Pine-Sol.

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