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Today, however, Ethiopia is building the Grand Renaissance Dam and, with it, Ethiopia will physically control the Blue Nile Gorge—the primary source of most of the Nile waters.

Who owns the Nile River?

The Grand Renaissance Dam poses a question as basic as water itself: Who owns the Nile? When the Grand Renaissance Dam closes its gates on the Blue Nile River, whether it is in 2015 or 2025, the time for a final reckoning will have arrived. Ethiopia will then have the power to claim its water shares, with the backing of all the upriver states.

Do Egypt and Sudan have water rights to the Nile River?

Jun 29, 2010 · Who owns the Nile? Nine countries want to have a say in answering that question, and they don’t agree. The great river moves through Burundi, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, so they all may claim her as at least partly their own.

Does Ethiopia control the Blue Nile gorge?

Mar 25, 2015 · Who owns the Nile? It’s more complicated than you think. Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan this week agreed to share the water of the Nile. But why the discord in the first place?

Where does the Nile water come from?

Who Owns the Nile? As a country whose history has been synonymous with the Nile River, Egypt can perhaps be forgiven for forgetting that it is not the only country in the region with claims to the Nile’s water resources. No wonder, then, that two weeks ago Egyptians were caught off guard by news that the Ethiopian government had started …

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What country owns Nile river?

That changed in 1959 when Cairo agreed to share the Nile with its neighbor Sudan, awarding them a percentage of the total river flow. The agreement established that around 66% of its waters would go to Egypt, and 22% to Sudan, while the rest was considered to be lost due to evaporation.Mar 18, 2021

Does anyone own the Nile river?

Egypt entirely controls the river’s flow from the moment it crosses the border from Sudan and is captured by the High Aswan dam, built by Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser with Russian help in the 1960s. But Egypt’s control depends on what comes downstream, over which it has no control.Jul 19, 2010

Does the Nile belong to Egypt or Ethiopia?

Countries Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi
Major cities Jinja, Juba, Khartoum, Cairo
Physical characteristics
Source White Nile

45 more rows

Who does the Blue Nile belong to?

Blue Nile
Blue Nile River in Ethiopia
Countries Ethiopia and Sudan
Physical characteristics

15 more rows

Who is building the Nile dam in Ethiopia?

Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation
The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), formerly known as the Millennium Dam, is under construction in the Benishangul-Gumuz region of Ethiopia, on the Blue Nile River, which is located about 40km east of Sudan. The project is owned by Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCO).

Why is Blue Nile called so?

Saifeddin says the name ‘Blue Nile’ was given to the River by Sudanese who call everything which is dark in color ‘Azraq(Blue). They called this Nile blue because of its dark turbid color due to the heavy silt it carries, in comparison with the White Nile that seems clear.Aug 17, 2018

Where did Nile originate?

Does the Nile river still exist?

The Nile River flows from south to north through eastern Africa. It begins in the rivers that flow into Lake Victoria (located in modern-day Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya), and empties into the Mediterranean Sea more than 6,600 kilometers (4,100 miles) to the north, making it one of the longest river in the world.Feb 22, 2019

Where is the true source of the Nile?

Lake Victoria
Beginning in the mid-1800s, Lake Victoria was largely accepted as the source of the White Nile. But generations of explorers continued to push farther into the heart of Africa to discover tributaries of Lake Victoria that would qualify as the Nile’s “true” source.Dec 22, 2006

Why is the White Nile called the White Nile?

The White Nile is called so because of the light-coloured clay sediment in the water giving the river a light grey colour. The Blue Nile flows for about 1,400 km to Khartoum from Lake Tana which is 1,800 metres above sea level in the Ethiopian mountains.Jan 25, 2009
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What is the Nile River?

The Nile River is a lifeline for Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan, but also an important source of water, food, and transport for the other countries where the river flows. Finding an equitable way to distribute it remains a challenge these countries will have to overcome. Resources.

How much electricity does the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam generate?

This $5 billion dam aims to boost the Ethiopian economy and become the largest hydroelectric power plant in Africa, generating around 6,500 megawatts of electricity. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia.

Where is the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam?

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia. Copernicus Sentinel data from 2019, processed by Pierre Markuse. The project was naturally received with discontent by Egypt and Sudan, who feared the dam could reduce or even “doom” their water supply.

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Which two countries are dependent on the Nile River?

Egypt and Sudan are utterly dependent on the waters of the Nile River. Over the past century both of these desert countries have built several dams and reservoirs, hoping to limit the ravages of droughts and floods which have so defined their histories. Now Ethiopia, one of eight upriver states and the source of most of the Nile waters, is building the largest dam in Africa. Located on the Blue Nile twenty five miles from the Ethiopian border with Sudan, the Grand Renaissance Dam begins a new chapter in the long, bellicose history of debate on the ownership of the Nile waters, and its effects for the entire region could be profound.

How much water does the Grand Renaissance Dam have?

The biggest of Ethiopia’s water projects, the Grand Renaissance Dam, will have a reservoir holding 67 billion cubic meters of water—twice the water held in Lake Tana, Ethiopia’s largest lake—and is expected to generate 6000 megawatts of electricity.

What did the Fashoda incident reveal?

The Fashoda Incident revealed how little Europeans understood about the Nile River. Thinking that most of the Nile waters came from the equatorial lakes (Victoria, Albert, Kyoga, and Edward), the English spent enormous energy on plans to increase White Nile water flows.

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Which African country was colonized by England in 1882?

Egypt was colonized by England in 1882. Ethiopia defeated the Italians at the Battle of Adwa in 1896 becoming the only African country to retain its independence during the “scramble for Africa.” But colonization created many new states in the Nile Basin (Eritrea, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, and Tanganika) and set off new competition for resources and territory.

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