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According to social media watchdog Def Noodles, Austin McBroom owns Social Gloves Entertainment. McBroom is a YouTuber and TikTok star.Jun 28, 2021

Is Social Gloves being sued?

LiveOne Pays $3M From ‘Social Gloves’ Proceeds to Settle Lawsuit With Austin McBroom. The settlement ends LiveOne’s $100 million defamation lawsuit against the YouTuber over his fight with a TikTok star.Feb 16, 2022

How much does social Gloves owe?

According to reports from Billboard, LiveOne (formerly LivexLive) agreed to pay out $3 million to “applicable payees” from the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event last year.Feb 16, 2022

Why is Social Gloves being sued?

Social Gloves’s streaming and marketing partner, LiveXLive, sued Austin McBroom for $100 million, for: Defamation, breach of contract, fraud, amongst other charges.Aug 16, 2021

Who Organised Social Gloves?

Let’s explain the Social Gloves lawsuit.

Instead, it generated just 136,000, and Austin McBroom, who organized the event, is facing lawsuits from participants and by the live-streaming platform that hosted the event.Aug 16, 2021

Who is the CEO of Social gloves?

Austin McBroom, who is part of the “ACE Family” YouTube vlog channel he shares with his wife Catherine Paiz McBroom and their three children, was the mastermind behind “Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms.” He fought as a headliner in the YouTubers vs.Aug 3, 2021

Did Tayler Holder Sue Austin McBroom?

‘TikTok’ Star Tayler Holder Settles $2 Million Lawsuit Against Austin McBroom. Tayler Holder is settling a lawsuit he filed against fellow social media star, Austin McBroom, after claiming he was stiffed out of money for an amateur boxing match.Nov 16, 2021

How much money was made from Social Gloves?

Ellin told shareholders on an earnings call the event had generated $10 million dollars.Aug 4, 2021

Why does the ACE family have lawsuits?

The City of Beverly Hills alleges in the complaint that McBroom and Hasan staged the gathering to “drum up publicity” for McBroom’s June 2021 boxing match against TikTok star Bryce Hall. The parade advertising did reference the “YouTubers vs. TikTokers” event, encouraging fans to support the YouTube fighters.Oct 29, 2021

How many PPVS did social gloves sell?

136,000 PPV buys
News – The social gloves PPV which featured @AustinMcbroom vs @BryceHall did a total of 136,000 PPV buys. The organizers were hoping to get around 500,000 buys.Jun 27, 2021

What company does Austin McBroom own?

Social Gloves trademark belongs to McBroom’s company

The CEO of Ace Hat Collection, Inc. is, of course, the Ace Family’s Austin McBroom, with wife Catherine listed as a secretary. Obviously, this ties the company with McBroom and, ultimately, puts the pressure of unpaid competitors into his hands.Jun 28, 2021

Who won battle of platforms?

On 12 June, the “titans of social media” finally faced off in the ring in Live x Live’s Battle of the Platforms, aka YouTube vs TikTok. After a dramatic evening of KOs, surprise wins and controversial ties, Team YouTube reigned supreme, winning five fights while Team TikTok only took home one win.Jan 7, 2022

How much are the Ace family worth?

approximately $22 million
Despite showing off so much money on camera, the Ace family’s net worth is approximately $22 million in 2020. This is half PewDiePie’s net worth divided among more people. Still, they’re young and already earning $6.4 million per year. The ACE family is set for life based on their YouTube channel.

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