who owns storyfire 2021

The platform was founded by Brian Spitz and Jesse Ridgway. Jesse is a top YouTube Creator nearing 2 billion channel views. Brian is a writer and director who has worked with studios like Fox, Sony and Disney.

Does McJuggerNuggets still own StoryFire?

It is with great disappointment…that we have officially shut down the StoryFire Office for the foreseeable future.

Who is the new owner of StoryFire?

Jesse Tyler Ridgway on Twitter: “StoryFire has officially been transferred to DeckChair.

Did Jesse sell StoryFire?

storyfire is officially sold. bittersweet.Apr 7, 2021

Can you make money on StoryFire?

“StoryFire is a community where you can monetize and express your authentic storytelling without having to chase trends, algorithms, clickbait, or curb your art for advertisers.”Oct 24, 2019

Who sold StoryFire?

Longtime YouTuber Jesse Ridgway (aka McJuggerNuggets) and his business partner Brian Spitz are selling their creative platform StoryFire as an NFT.Apr 7, 2021

What is StoryFire Reddit?

r/StoryFire. Creative Video/Writing Entertainment Platform! We tell stories, together.

What is story fire?

StoryFire is a creative video/writing social entertainment platform. Create social posts akin to Twitter on our social feed, gain a following and earn an in-app currency known as, “Blaze”. A passionate community of writers and video creators earning a full-time living from content creation.

Is StoryFire free?

The app had an incredible idea with users being able to publish their stories and read other stories completely for free.

How do you get a blaze on StoryFire?

How can I Earn Blaze?
  1. Another user views your content.
  2. Your content gets promoted as a Recent, Top, or Contest Winner.
  3. Watch a video ad (mobile only)
  4. Somebody tips your social post or story.
  5. Share a story that gets viewed.
  6. Complete reading 3 stories, three days in a row.
Jan 24, 2020

What is Jesse Ridgway doing now?

Jesse now has done role reversals and Psycho parody videos as a legacy for his break out series.

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